Thursday, November 29, 2007

pr rr combo

google just did it again! you play with our blog, we're lost in the game! hahaha... ive'd been thinking what is really the plan of google for us bloggers? didn't this site had enough? goodness. pr are still one of the things that will make us rich di ba? well,paid blogging wise of course. Real Rank is still not doing it's supposed job... PR and RR combos are what is much being seen in the requirements. i hope ppp removes the pr completely. i'm still hoping for the best. we all do.


recel said...

oh gosh, pati ba 'yo sis naging cruel ang google? huhuhu! dami pala natin! uu nga, seems like rr is of no use pa. hmmfff! i wish the same as u do! goodluck nalang sa atin!

btw, ok na ba paypal dyan sa pinas now?