Friday, November 23, 2007

Paypal Pinas!

yes! after months of waiting... Paypal can now be use in Pinas! teehee! heard this news from Mai and Lizz... so i visit Union Bank site to see it myself.. and voila! it is for real... we just have to apply for a debit eon card and have our paypal money be transfered to the debit card.. and we can withdraw the cold moolah! weeeehhh!!! now i just need to look for the nearest Union Bank and inquire... maybe i'll have this thing running by 2008.. we'll see.. let me know guys if you're done with this thing already!


recel said...

wow!!! buti naman at magwo-work na ang paypal dyan! that's a great thing indeed! do make a post kung ok na alaga, ha? hehe...

regards dyan!