Tuesday, November 27, 2007

party is near!

guess what? found a great site where i can get ideas for Olin's first birthday preparation. something i really need now, as in. you see, we only have less than two months to get this thing settled, from the props to the real deal you know. especially now that holidays are on its way making people a lot more fussy and preoccupied. anyways, with this cool website i found cute suggestions designs for kids party invitations, and for a mom who lacks creativity big time, websites that gives out help for party planning and what not are all i need now. would you believe that up to this date i'm still clueless to what theme the party we will have? i'm thinking of a cartoon fest if nothing in particular comes up within the soonest possible date. so do you have a suggestion in mind?


Mom of 4 said...

Here's another fun website with lots of fun birthday party themes. Hope this helps!