Tuesday, November 27, 2007

mix mix

ppp is still hating me! why do this to me?!?! why?!?! now that i'm all geared up to blog like hell, no white opps is being thrown my way! oh my gulay! good thing some kind paid sites are still giving me opps but heck, i need more! hehehehe... i'm getting greedy now, i need to stop this rant.

anyways, my primary email addi is somewhat not working well, i guess it's really whacked up already or something, emails that i'm supposed to received is not being send. has anyone experienced this too?what did you do with this?

anyways i was browsing earlier Crocs website and i heart one particular design and i told myself that i would ask for it to be my Christmas gift from the husband... then i made a lil chit chat with Peachy, lo and behold! i was able to make pahabol for the black Saturday shopping spree! :) teehee! i'm getting myself a crocs for a very cheap prize you wouldn't believe! hahahaha! the other pair is for the husband, which i wasn't able to keep as a secret from him though first plan is not to tell him, you know for the surprise thing...but the kutatera mode in me cannot be stopped..so now, he knows. daldal eh!

so there... 27 days to go before Christmas! and we are still not prepared. nyaks.