Monday, November 05, 2007

Mommy stuff

Let's talk mommy stuffs: thanks to lawyer mommy ANN for this! :)

1. What food did you crave when you were pregnant?

GoNuts Donuts! and Sinampalukang Manok :)

2. Did you gain a lot of weight when you were pregnant?

yeah! i was 72 kilos when about to give birth. now i'm 58 kilos... talk about the preggy tummy left. :(

3. Did you drink milk when you were pregnant?

i tried Anmun, but failed. it was the most disgusting drink i had during my preggy days

4. How long did you stay in the labor room before your delivery?

howell, i stayed in the labor room for 6 looonnnggg hours pushing all my might, again, failed. i had to have an emergency cs adding 2 hours more .

5. Did you have epidural during labor?

i wasn't supposed to because i ordered not to give me any anesthesia by all means, but after pushing for more than 5 hours the OB had to because my powers is almost drained. and sadly i had to receive another shot --spinal anesthesia before my CS operation. damn.

6. How did you give birth?

CS way! goodness, i cried so hard that i keep on telling my OB that I CAN DO IT! THE NATURAL WAY. i was 10cm dilated for pete sake! why can't she just lacerate me or something and get my baby from my vagina?! i really don't know. hay.

7. What was your first reaction when you heard your baby's cry and saw him/her for the first time?

i was super nervous, because i want to know if she comes out alive and normal. but when i saw her i asked my anesthesiologist who was holding me why my baby is dark?! KIRARA! hehehehe...and they all laugh. then i dozed off.

8. Prior to that moment when you first held your baby, did you know how to carry a newborn?

yeah i know, a lot of babies were born in the family prior to my daughter.

9. Did you take a bath after your delivery?

no. i wasn't allowed. because i suffered so much pain during my birthing time. and they said i can get relapse if i do so. i waited 9 loooonnnngggg days before i was allowed to take my 2 minute uber fast shower.

10. How was your first night with your baby like?

i wasn't able to sleep because i am so happy seeing my baby, that i keep on talking and talking to everyone in the family, yes. i never let them sleep too! :)

11. Did you breastfeed your baby?

oh yes! i'd probably die if i wasn't able to. my mind was dead set on breastfeeding and wouldn't be able to do so might lose my sanity. fortunately for more than 6 months i was able to breastfeed my daughter. the most rewarding feeling of being a mother i must say.

12. If you were to pick just one moment from the time you gave birth until the moment you were discharged from the hospital, which do you think is the most special moment for you?

the time i was wheeled to the nursery room to breastfeed Olin for the first time. carrying her and seeing her yawn... my heart almost melt and my eyes got blurred with tears. even now,whenever i remember that special moment, i can still feel my heart stop a beat and it reminds me how special it is to become a mother.



ann k said...

sobra akong tawa ng tawa na tinawag mong kirara si olin tapos nakatulog ka na. hehe. :)

recel said...

aba aba... interesting yata itong tag na 'to ah! ma-grab nga ito one of these days! hehe... ok lang ba sis? di mo kasi ako isinali eh! hmp!!! jowk!!!

napaka-special talaga ng breastfeeding moment natin, ano? hehe!