Monday, November 05, 2007

Gaby quits = sad

and she quits. AWWWW! "as much as it hurts, lalabas na’ko." my bet for this batch just made the most important decision in her life last night. she chose to leave the house for her passion to drive and race. she desperately wants to succeed in her chosen profession. and we cannot blame her for it. everyone of us has this drive for whatever it is we want to achieve. and according to her, she joined PBB to get exposure, and to be heard. and i can say, she just does that. maybe a lot of sponsors are now lining up for her. because she needs it badly, she needs more that exposure, she needs sponsors for her race, for her equipments, for her car. i hope she does well. it's just sad because a lot of people are voting for her, even my mom, i was bit surprised when she told me that she was sad because she is also betting for Gaby. awww! si mama, celebrity talker na din!
anyways, so there, on saturday Gaby will leave to house to pursue her dream. and that means, no more voting for the nominees. and yes, it was ZARA who were voted out last week. i was hoping for Victor Maegan to be next. hehehehe... pero who knows, di ba sometimes PBB has this Wild Card edition? meaning, there will be voting for everyone who was evicted and were out of the house to be again be included to join the remaining days of the season? who knows, by that time Gaby is done with her training, she might be voted again to come back! di ba?! whatchathink ha?! high hopes ba! we'll see... and would you believe that she also got an online college degree too?


Rosemarie said...

kakalungkot nga eh. but i am happy for her cos she choose her carrer.