Friday, July 13, 2007

turok moments!

our company had this scheduled anti-hepa vaccine or whatever it is being called basta for the hepatitis thingy. so there, just this morning we were announced that hepa screening and seminar will be held at the lobby around 10am.. so that means early breaktime at 930! wuuuhhuu!!! sarap ng sisig at spicy chicken at fish in lemon butter sauce 'te ne! :) nyaks! so right after the seminar we then proceeded on doing the screening, getting like an ounce of fresh blood from each of us... actually, i'm the type of person who's not really afraid of needles and syringes but then right after my historical-birth-labor-with-mega-push-trying-to-have-a-normal-delivery-but-failed-and-welcome-cs-birthing! boy, i was traumatized! as in. that is why i volunteered to be the first one on the line to have the needle!

and here is me, trying my best not to faint.. :) while paula on the other hand took it so lightly that is why the nurse had a hard time looking for her veins! hahahaha!

so there, they screened our blood and right after the result came they proceeded on giving us the first shot of vaccine. again, i was the first to have the shot. can you tell what i am saying while the nurse is doing the injection? hehehehe... peace!

i heard that we will be having the second and final shot on the next months to come. good luck to me! :)


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm not fond of injections too. I don't look at the syringe so I won't get scared. I try my best to put on a brave front whenever I have a shot.

jennyL said...

hehehe that's the look we always get when i use to do that extraction of blood way back in my internship days hehe.. meron pa nga umiiyak hehe.. Just hopping gain here.. happy weekend