Friday, June 29, 2007


a package from hubby's uncle arrived yesterday, consisting of Amiel's hunting paraphernalias like the ghillie suit and camoflauges and other accessories for the car. Syempre, super happy and excited si husband ever! :) most probably by next week he and his hunting friends will go on another trip in the mountains Ternate,Cavite. i bet he'll be wearing that most-awaited ghillie suit and be sikat among the fellow hunters! hehehehe... i'll try to take picture of that ghillie and post it here sometime. meanwhile, also included in the package are Olin's clothes! a lil' bit larger but who cares, in a few more months she'll be able to strut her stuff and get jiggy with it! :) Now back to my hunt for online courses

Cute SD Padres Jerseys plus shorts and shirt! :) cutie!

thanks tsong! :)


Heart of Rachel said...

What a lovely surprise! I love the cute pink outfits.