Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy and Gay!

live your life in a manner that suits you
whether you are in or out of the closet is not really that important anymore.
What is important is you have accepted who you really are
and try to live a descent and productive life
in which you don't intentionally step on other people's feet
in order to reach your goals and personal happiness.
Because in the end, a person will not really remembered for being
gay or straight but by the way he live his life and the positive
influences he had on people.
Wear your rainbow color!
be proud!
Happy Gay Pride!

i received this text message from my good friend Charlie, learning that today is in fact Gay Pride Day made me decide on writting an entry for all my happy and gay friends... being brought up in, studied and even be-friends with gays made me an open minded about what they are going through, especially with a nation that is much likely having a conservative notion with regards to people like them. Let me tell you this, gays are not so different with straight people, they too have the same feelings that the straight person does. they are even happier than most of the straight ones and fun to be with. they are known to have this straight-talk-to-your-face attitude, because most of them are just being frank (a nature of gays). they too can love and can much likely wanna live their life to the fullest. All they want in this world is simply ACCEPTANCE... from people surrounding them. Who knows, if given a chance they might bring our country to pedestals! :) maybe, they'll be able to solve our nation's problems and all... di ba Shala! :)

So for all the gays out there... Happy Gay Pride!!!
Mabuhay ang mga Vaklush! :)