Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baguio Trip Captured

and here i am, way too late in making kwento bout out baguio adventure, so basically what i did is just posts
pictures from our trip and time to make make captions na lang for it...
this pic above was during the float and flower parade, twas supposed to be underneath but u see, i need something to brag 'bout the panagbenga echos, so voila! a streamer with the title of the event!

a pose @ Camp John Hay with my MIL (mother-in-law) during our second day vacation, too tired to walk, so we decided to have a merienda somewhere inside the camp....

happy faces! taken by amiel, we just arrived from the lamierda, and we started posing for the cam while Myk's having a good mood smilling

igorot-hiphop-reggae-kid! presenting... Myk Dillian, after the tiring trip to Botanical Garden,Camp John Hay etc, etc, we just play around and dressed up my inaanak and turn him into this! hehehe

too tired to get up eh?! while waiting for dinner, nothin' much to do but to say cheese!!!

uwaw! naks naman! sports-something-arena of baguio where all the floats take their final spot... such a good view...

behind me is the peacock flower, sad part, we cannot stand near the floats, coz they need it pa for tomorrow's parade. sayang.

post-ala-family-picture... can't wait to have our own lil amiel and kathy!

flying mike dillian!

with love and ayin at the igorot's float... see our hat?! P30.00 lang yan...

and here's another one

just can't get enuf of ourselves huh! a pose with the bangenge,higante,whatever u wanna call it.

and that's my BOY!


subukan mo lang amiel!!! lunch at RAI RAI KEN

first time ko sa Grotto

SM Baguio with Ayin and Love

picture addict er?!

OMG! Sam Milby.... super meant to be!!! hehehe... kinda lucky kze we were able to see the PBB Cast...

we really need this...

ngaragan sa pasyal... time to sleep be.. lasing ba ko?!

Amiel took this shot with the room light turned off... and Lovemela still in the mood for playin fool...


polo girls at the Grotto

after payin' a visit at Baguio Cathedral...

all set for a whole day of fun!!!

pickin' up the berries... one of the best in baguio!

as the corn girl swipe margarine on our-all-time-favorite-sweet-corn!

a shot taken by a local photographer,,, u just have to pay a minimal amount for the effort and help.
thanks manong!!!


another one

still wonder how the who they were able to make house up there...

stampede to the max!

eatin' the yummy fishballs! este, sweet corn pala!

lovemela gettin' so easy with Amiel...hehehe

and with the foggy road we leave... oh i'll definitely miss Baguio...