Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corporate Giveaways

Every December, a company usually gives away something their clients will remember them by. It has become a tradition to many in the corporate world to have their yearend or Christmas giveaway to be readied even as early as July. Of course the time that it needs to have it finished by December is always considered. No one wants to have their giveaways late. Actually, many of those companies do give out their items even as early as October, usually preparing their clients to take notice of them especially during Christmas time.
Calendars, pens, caps and keychains are favorite items to give away. With a lot of them, though, how far do you think will your client remember you as the company who gave a specific item? Yes, there is a label, a print of your company, but usually those same items are also given away to others or just left somewhere in the drawer.
What if you choose something that will not only remind them of you but will also let others know about it? Have your print on customized shirts. Since they are worn, you get to expose your company to others as well. Even with polo shirts for men or 'womens polo shirts, you can make a striking difference and your company may stand out among the crowd. Just have a small embroidered logo and those polo shirts can be worn anywhere it is fit. It will not look commercial, instead, people tend to look more closely what the embroidery is about.
With today's fast-paced world, people are almost blind to advertisements. You got to stand out to make people notice you. You got to be bold enough to be able to run the race of the corporate world. It's never an easy task. You can work harder but you can also work smarter.