Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flags to promote

My husband's friend invested on a resort, and he is very busy on how to create beauty out of it. Of course, to encourage more people to go to the resort, and to have regular customers. Aside from working on the landscape, he is also focusing on increasing tourist attractions like a butterfly sanctuary, a manmade lake that will allow people to do boating and thinking of a golf course too. I told him that flags can increase beauty on his paradise resort. It will add colors, I suggest to him and he said, "yeah, nice idea! ". Now, he are just choosing what designs and what are the best types of flags should we order. He can have custom flags where we can have a design of our own, West Coast Flags staffs are very polite and let us think for our designs, they even suggest brilliant ideas. I told our friend to have pennant flags on the restaurant; it looks like a native hut so I think this specific flag will add color to it. On the lake, I suggest also that it will look more adventurous if we place feather flags or message flags there. Now, they are just brainstorming for the final touch on the resort and soon they'll place orders at