Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cross Dressing With Style

Women have been the object of envy by some of the men to the point of wanting to change themselves physically and look like women. Others would go as far as having a sex change operation and have their vocal chords altered. Of course, this has to go with taking hormones to maintain the femininity features like enlarging of their breasts, minimizing their muscles and making ther skin soft. They would want to hide the real masculine features.
Many have successfully done this that have won them awards for being the best looking gay. Best as in they really look like women, move like women and sound like women. You can be fooled! This is especially true when they wear costumes like gowns that cover their feet. Oftentimes it is their feet that give them away. Men's feet are large and squarish by nature. Oftentimes too, if you check their necks, the Adam's apple protrude.
Of course, part of their cross dressing is making themselves look like women by using hair pieces like Indian remy hair or lace front wigs for black women. They can take so much time picking what fits them from a beauty supply warehouse. Are you a cross dresser?