Friday, May 13, 2011

visit Amsterdam! has an irresistible offer. From the website itself, we will think that it has something to do with the capital cities and is cold when we talk about the weather condition. Yes, talks about the five famous cool capital cities of Europe. When we heard Europe, we often think of the budget and the beautiful cities it has to offer like art in Amsterdam!. Money might be the problem for most people so if budget is not an issue to you, it is recommended that you find some time to visit the famous cities of Europe. Good news is offers a special privilege today, you can save some money for your accommodation. In fact, it is about 33% savings, it is because they are offering three nights of stay with only two nights of stay to pay. Great news, isn't it? But what are these five cool capital cities of Europe. To give you a brief information, this includes Vienna, Amsterdam (for art Amsterdam), Antwerp, Zurich and Valencia. If you are a Europe city lover, then you probably know that these five cities are really famous and worth visiting. Amsterdam as we all know is a must-see city for art lovers. Museums from this place are really breathtaking and well designed. In fact, they have the most famous museum that had been dedicated to Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Vienna on the other hand is known to be the capital city of Austria that is very famous with arts, architecture, music, theaters and more. While Antwerp fashion had been very famous, may be because it is very well known for Peter Paul Rubens and the most expensive jewel in the world, the diamonds. Fashion Antwerp is simply amazing and most women in the high class society surely want to experience this type of fashion and add to their existing lifestyle. Talking about Zurich, it is known to be the largest city in Switzerland. Food in Valencia is simply the best, from the oranges to paella that are really mouth-watering likewise the famous amsterdam restaurants!