Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY Halloween Costumes in 10 minutes!

While putting together a Halloween costume can be tons of fun, it can also be creatively challenging and tough on your wallet, especially if you’re trying to outfit multiple family members for the holiday. So, to take the stress out of trick-or-treat planning, read on for a re-cap of 30 easy-to-assemble ideas, many of which are comprised entirely of goods that you probably already have lurking around the house. And if you’ve any thoughts to add to this list, by all means chime in here!

1. Baby: PJs, pacifier, teddy bear

2. Fall: Brown sweatshirt, safety pins, autumnal-looking leaves

3. Biker: Black leather, white tee, bandana, sunglasses

4. Candy Cane: white clothes, red (and/or green) duct tape

5. Charlie Brown: yellow tee, black marker or fabric paint (for zig zag stripes on the tee), black pants

6. Present: Cardboard box (that’s big enough for you to fit into!), wrapping paper, ribbons/bows

7. Where’s Waldo: Red and white striped tee, beanie, eye glasses, jeans

8. Cotton Candy: White clothes, pink tulle, safety pins

9. Ghost: White sheet (plus cutouts for your eyes)

[Photos:Vintage images of 'ghosts']

10. Dalmation: White clothes, black felt/fabric/paper, safety pins

11. Dr. Pepper: Lab coat, peppers, safety pins

12. Old Lady: Old fashioned dress, rolled-down knee-high nylons, large black frame purse

13. Bunch of Grapes: Green or purple clothes, matching balloons, safety pins

14. Static Cling: All black or white clothes; random clothes (socks, briefs, tees) and dryer sheets, safety pins

15. Mummy: White clothes, old white bedsheet you don’t mind tearing into strips or white gauze bandages

16. Nerd: Button down shirt, high waist pants, calculator, glasses, textbooks

17. Rainbow: Grab a group of friends, and each one dresses head-to-toe in one color of the rainbow color

18. Road: Black clothes, white masking tape (for street lines), toy cars, safety pins

19. Jack-O-Lantern: Orange sweatshirt, black tape

20. Tourist: Bright clothing (a Hawaiian floral short is ideal), map, camera around neck

[Photos: Celebs break out Halloween costumes ]

21. Veterinarian: Scrubs, stuffed animals, safety pins

22. Skeleton: Black outfit, white gloves, bones cut out from white contact paper

23. Sherlock Holmes: Trench coat, fedora, magnifying glass

24. Surgeon: Scrubs, lab coat, shower caps (to wear over your shoes)

25. School girl: White button down, plaid skirt, knee socks, hair in pigtails, chewing gum (for blowing bubbles!)

26. Popeye: Sailor cap, peacoat, marker (for drawing on an anchor tattoo on your forearm), and can of spinach

27. Cowboy: Western shirt, jeans, cowboy hat, boots, rope (to make a lasso)

28. Dry cleaning: Plastic dry cleaning bag (just slip it over any outfit)

29. Pirate: Striped shirt, black fabric (to make an eye patch), bandana

30. Bag of Jelly Beans: Clear plastic bag, multi-colored ribbons to slip underneath