Friday, October 22, 2010

daughter’s first grand public performance

Tomorrow will my dear daughter’s first ever major performance as a nursery student, it’s their school’s foundation celebration and their section were assigned to perform a tribal/modern dance. Something that the husband and I look forward too, even my mom and sister can’t help but feel so excited to witness the little girl’s performance! Actually, this morning they had a final rehearsal (see photos) after their mass at the complex and we were so surprised to see that dearest daughter dance with grace without shyness together with her classmates! And to see that she is one of the lead of the dance number made us really really proud! I just wish that she’ll do the same tomorrow :D

And with that, I am so excited and nervous at this very moment, can’t put myself to sleep (I’m actually thinking on popping some sleeping pills, but decided not too, I may not wake up early tomorrow!)… ok fine, I’m a certified stage mother!