Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everyday Mineral Bamboo Tote Kits

The love for all-natural product made me truly dig Everyday Mineral make up and body care line. Actually, having face and body acne are the things that scares me, that is why as much as possible I only buy and use products that are said to be made from the purest and all natural material and ingredients. Anyways, it has been like more than a year when my friends and I go gaga over the EM make-up and since then, we didn’t made another purchase because as promised their products truly lasts and doesn’t have any expiration – simply because everything was made from natural ingredients, nope.. no chemicals whatsoever!

And speaking of EM make ups, here is what I found over their facebook page… product kits that are about to be launch this weekend that comes with super earth friendly and fab bamboo totes! Definitely a good buy and can be also collected specially for those who adores totes and bags! :D