Thursday, July 01, 2010

mid year shopping

How time flies, it's already July and that only means the first half of the year is over! And what we are looking now is the upcoming year end holidays already! And with that, the never ending spending too! In fact, we too have so many things on our list that we need to purchase before this year ends. That is why we might hit the home/office store and see if there are any great deals for sofa sets and other office furniture like small computer table for my corner nook and a comfy yet stylish and affordable computer chair too! So do you have any ideas on where to search for those?! let me know alright! We just need to accomplish that as early as we can before we near the holiday rush!


Cheryl's Office said...

I finally moved my home office out of the garage. I found low cost modular office furniture that easily fit in a small room in the house. Now I run my small business in a more efficient and productive manner. I also stay away from all that mess in the garage.