Friday, June 04, 2010

thankful for mom

I'm really thankful for having a thoughtful mom. Imagine, even though I am already married and has a family of my own, she never fails to forget. Little things she has given us from the start until now is never ending. Just like earlier this evening, she called and asked the husband to come over to her place so she can give us food for dinner, oh yes, she told me not to prepare for she made enough food to cover for us all. And so, the husband went and came back with lot's of food, that can also cover our lunch for tomorrow! I just love my mom, though at times we have little arguments here and there. But then again, she's still the best! And oh, did I tell you how great cook she is?! I'm actually needing some belly fat burner because I happen to eat so many pork adobo with rice earlier! ;)