Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Daughter's first day in school

Today is dear daughter's first day in school, nursery level and being a mom, it was me who actually got so excited I wasn't even to sleep well last night. Was wide awake until the wee hours of the night thinking of so many things, even found myself quite worried if my daughter suddenly realized she wasn't ready or anything for school. Good thing, I was able to snap myself out of it and just thought of happy things to come.
Happy things like birthday parties! You see, as early as now, my co-parents were actually thinking about their kid's birthday celebrations, turns out quite number of my daughter's classmates are having their birthday this month and the mommies are already talking about their child's birthday invitations! Good thing, my brat's birthday is not until January, so there, still have ample of time to think and plan for her first birthday celebration in school! :D
Anyways, let me share with you her picture (with her Dora school stuff) before heading for school ;D

9:30am and she's all set

And by the way, she had a blast for her first day!