Friday, May 07, 2010

breast augmentation

Lately, I’ve been perusing smoking-related articles online because our inconsiderate neighbor has been puffing non-stop cigarettes as if he’s dead set on obtaining a death wish. Knowing the effects of smoking particularly second hand smoke makes me cringe. Aside from problems concerning the respiratory organs, one of the effects that can not just be shrugged off (and I’m sure a big issue among body conscious women) is that smoking makes breasts sag. Kinda unbelievable but studies show that smoking depletes elastic and collagen in the body, thus, the skin is compromised. The breast tissues are further damaged therefore it sags even more and also wrinkles and face creases. Truly, it’s bad for the skin.

Of course, there’s the wonder of technology through breast augmentation surgery where the magical hands of qualified experts fix whatever parts in the breast that need some haul. There’s also a procedure called the cosmetic surgery face lift where unwanted blemishes, aging lines and ugly skin creases on the face are improved. Thank goodness for clinics like whose qualified surgeons do cosmetic surgery mexico with much expertise. But even though there are such science wonders and ways, people should still realize the devastating effects of smoking. Again, may I just emphasize, smoking makes breasts sag.