Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stock up on Pool Supplies for Entertainment

If you are planning a party, or just want make your back yard a little more fun, you might want to stock up on pool supplies for entertainment. There is a plethora of accessories and supplies you might use to transform your pool into an entertainment zone. When you're done exercising and swimming laps, you can take a break and rest on special chairs and lounges that float in the water. Some even come with drink holders so you can hydrate yourself as you rest in the warmth of the sun. Just don't forget to put on some sunblock.

You can stock up on pool supplies for active entertainment. Find slides for in ground pools or above ground pools. If you don't want to install a solid plastic and metal slide, you can add an inflatable water slide to your pool supplies. You can also get supplies for different games such as volleyball, floating ping-pong, and even basketball where you use floating nets. Try your hand at water bocce or test your skills with a water disc-tossing game. Don't forget the always-popular water noodles, either. You can use them for floating, teaching children how to swim, or pain-free sword fights in the water.

Consider keeping some pool supplies around for special parties. For children's parties, you might want to keep some brightly colored beach balls in stock. You can also purchase plastic fish and plastic rings that children can dive for. If you plan to use your pool as a decoration or backdrop for a party for adults, you might want to consider keeping floating candles or small pool fountains in your supply chest. You could even find a fountain that has rainbow lights, alternating the colors of the water flowing through. Change the mood of your party by adding different colored lenses over your pool lights.