Sunday, May 30, 2010

prepping up for the Santacruzan

Earlier today, my daughter had her first taste of Santacruzan, where she and the other kids of the village paraded in their gowns with hand held flowers in order to commemorate Mama Mary. Actually we were given a very short notice by the organizer, thus made us cram from searching the perfect gown and stuffs for her! Luckily, her cousin Ianna owns a simple gown and her mom offered to lend us that. So there, had to bring her to the nearby salon for her hair-do and I just did her make up!
Now here's a photo of us while I'm doing her face with mineral foundation. Which made me realized how big my zit is! Crap. It wasn't there yesterday, or so I think. Now I better check out this acnepril and have try on my face.
And oh, going back.. will post more photos of the said event on my next posts :D