Wednesday, March 31, 2010

getting near...

It's April! how time flies isn't?! soon, my dear husband will arrive after a year of working in KSA! and with that, our most awaited family vacation will also be happening! But no, can't really tell now where we are going, not yet :D It's a surprise, though my closest friends knows it already :D But see, those who seems to always sneak and peak to what we are up to might know and they might get jealous or something, so not letting them know is the best thing for now... don't wanna see them get so eat up with jealousy, they might kill themselves! bwahahahaha! kidding :D
Anyways, speaking of our upcoming family trip.. I'm also thinking of getting a toddler stroller for us to bring, since we are expecting a whole lot of walking and stuff... Actually looking at this super light weight uppababy vista, which is so compact and stylish.. we'll see.. hopefully this will do good!