Thursday, October 29, 2009

cruise insured

whenever my father speaks about his job in the Cruise ships,and i can't help but always fascinate with all the stories aboard. Papa, says that majority of his guests are elders from different states in the US, and i ask him, why would all people that the aged ones still goes out in a cruise, i mean, given their age that are mostly 70's to early 90's still manage to go on a shore vacation... they're health might be at risk. But papa said that is always with their doctor's approval that is why grannies and grandpops can still go ahead and enjoy the cruise. He also said that if not everyone, mostly of the aged passengers have their cheap health insurance, that is why even on and off the shore they are secured that they are in good hands. It is a good thing i must say to have this certain kind of security for them, they can still live their lives to the fullest by going on long vacation and have their minds free from worries of anything that might happen to them during those courses.