Wednesday, October 07, 2009

aftermath of Ondoy

I still can't get over the Ondoy's wrath, in fact, browsing through photos and online sites that documented the catastrophic event is what keeps me busy - er, whenever I'm not blogging and all. I don't know why still can't get over it all, when people needs to move on. It's just to heart wrenching to see all those snaps and see how people got devastated with their everything went with the flash flood, seeing their properties even their cars - those high end expensive cars complete with all the flashing accessories like xenon lights fully submerged in the super high flood. Oh well, life and it's unpredicted turns.
So what to do now? aside from praying for those who got affected.. we still get help them by sharing our blessings. They still needs our donations and moral support. Have you done your share?!