Thursday, September 24, 2009

tired and hungry me

Photo taken yesterday while we were waiting for our food to arrive at KFC. My liitle girl who just love playing on the slides gets the hang of climbing just like that and not using the ladder at all! Really freaking I must admit, but can't seem to tell her to stop because she keeps on repeating the strut over and over again! I was at first with her during the few minutes she was playing but can't seem to stay longer for I'm already feeling so tired from the running and all, though it was like an weight loss diet routine! But was too hungry to go on further. Had to stop and wish for my food to arrive fast! hahahaha

grabe walang takot

And after a few minutes of rest and waiting, it arrived hot and fresh! And let me tell you, it the food was really really good, next time try to order Roma Italia - one of KFC's rice bowl which is so smackingly yummy!