Saturday, August 22, 2009

awake and blogging

Yep, I'm still up and blogging at this very late time. Because, aside from writing, I am also watching a beauty television show! Well yes, call me vain or whatever, but I love learning a lot of new things to you know, make myself a lot more alluring for the husband and of course, specially for myself. What I love this magazine show are the make up lessons and other beauty stuffs that can be adopted to our daily life, as a stay at home mother and wife. Anyways, the show also featured cosmetology schools in indiana that offers specialized learning on beauty and well being. One good example of this school is the Regency Beauty Institute in Minneapolis, US, a famous institution that has been in the business for more that fifty productive years, producing young minds with great knowledge on fashion and beauty! So if you think you are in this line of busines, better enroll yourself first in an institution that can really boost your knowledge on the said work