Wednesday, July 08, 2009

yesterday afternoon that was

I was out the whole afternoon yesterday with my daughter in tow, went to hear the novena mass at the big church (as to what my daughter calls it), you see, we usually attend mass on the chapel near my folk's house that's why whenever she sees the big church, she can't help but feel so excited! Anyways, after the mass we headed straight to Mc Donalds, the little brat has been bugging me for days because of her like to play at it's play place! So there we went, ordered twister fries, float and burger! But but but, what irritates me is the fact that their bathroom faucet is not working! Just no way to wash our hands. I had to tell the manager because as we all know, we need to wash our hands first before eating - with the freaking h1n1 scare and all?! better be clean than sorry!