Saturday, July 25, 2009

new pets

My daughter has now a new pet, well pets I mean because she has two of them. Lovebirds! yep, we are truly back to owning a bird. As of the counting, this is our third bird pet since last year. Technically, it is owned and cared for by mom, but my daughter tags those feathered fliers as hers. Anyways, two days ago, we went to the mall to buy some stuff for the said birds, like little mirrors, swing, food bins and seeds. The little girl had so much fun from all the pets at the store and was really observant for she noticed the sacks of cat supplies at the side and asked if those are for cats! Really bright kid isn't? So there, we ended up buying so many good stuff for her pets and so far, they are enjoying their little playground inside the cage! :D


Mec said...

naku... matagal pa before my son gets any pet :) for the meantime, he's nakikisawsaw sa squirrel sa in laws ko :D