Thursday, July 09, 2009

Gurgle and Pregnancy

My dear friend in on her second pregnancy now, in fact she is about to past the first trimester of being pregnant. But because of the big age gap of her first born with her new pea she seemed to forget all the things that a pregnant woman must do and avoid! She's been text messaging me almost everyday asking about this and that as if I'm her OB Gyne that updates her with Pregnancy week by week! But since she is my friend and I heart her, aside from giving her my insights on the phase she's been going through, I also suggest sites that masters on pregnancy, birthing, child care and even has a list of great baby names! Gurgle is just one of the many sites, but for me, it is one of the best! honest to goodness information and helpful tips are what can be found on the said site. Something that you can just go and suggest, without further say about what it is all about because by just visiting the site, at that instant you'll sure to feel at ease!
Anyways, I found this article about the diet a pregnant woman must follow, and this is what I will share on my next post!