Friday, July 17, 2009

cute announcements!

Being a mom is just the most special experience for me! Was really proud of myself and my daughter that is why the moment I was awake after the long hours of labor and birthing, I immediately ask for my mobile phone and forwarded a message (that I made days before my due date) about the details of my birthing experience and told my friends to welcome our little bundle of joy. And as expected, most of them replied with happiness to congratulate us with the coming of our princess.

Anyways, that was some three years ago, but now? If ever given a chance to give birth again? I'd probably order a batch of Birth Photo Announcements from with my child's birthing details! Since photo announcements birth is the popular way of telling your friends about your little pea's happiness, I believe this type of announcement will surely make your friends feel special, and they would definitely love receiving a photo birth announcement since it is personalized because they create designs specially for you! or you can just add photo of your desire or logo to any design they have!. baby photo announcements are just hitting waves in the business now, don't you notice it too?