Sunday, June 21, 2009

why not!

Thinking of actually getting another degree online if you know, I'll be given this once in a lifetime chance. Being a stay at home wife and mother means hard work and staying in our home for almost 24/7. I had to deal with that, because my hubby and daughter expects so much from me, from taking care of them, to cooking for them, cleaning the house and yes, being with them throughout the whole day especially with my toddler who has no nanny for some two months now. The only thing that can keep me up to date with my friends is the online way, I'm such a lucky mommy and wife to have this privelege, at least during my rest and not so busy days, I can blog and write and yes, get in touch with my friends. Actually, almost everyday, my closest and some online buddies are still connected even if we are not frequently seing each other. Anyways, back to the school thing, have you heard about the Capella University offerings for this online schooling? well, they are in fact one of the few accredited institution in the US to offer this kind of special course programs to those who wanted to continue or take up another degree, through online studying. Super nice alternative for those who can't afford to leave their place and study in an college or university. That is why, this great university came up with this. For more detailed information and their courses line up, you can check up there site and inquire.

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