Thursday, June 04, 2009

out of town weddings!

We first here the story behind the beautiful getaway destination through my dad who already had an experience vacationing on different islands and vacation spots, he says that there are so many awesome resorts to choose from once you are there, and only enjoyment and relaxation is what you will feel there. Anyways, we are thinking of grabbing one of those packages a certain beach can offer, since we didn't have an offical honeymoon after our wedding three years ago, I guess that this is the time to experience that, even just for a while. So there, I search and look for hot spots that we might consider, and most of the resorts are tagged with ! meaning, most of them are offering beach and destination weddings , I think. And although I love weddings, I might pass on the idea of having to stay with so many guests roaming around, what I would want to have is a peaceful beach experience wherein we can do whatever we want, with only a few people surrounding us. How I wish we can get this dream happen before the year ends. Anyways, if you are also looking for destinations for your vacation, check out!