Sunday, June 21, 2009

is it about time?

I am super thinking of getting myself into another course or a master's degree. But too afraid to walk in a University corridor, I might feel too old to study or I might not meet my professor's expectation when it comes to subject grades and class performance. Feeling paranoid I know, but what can I do? it has been six long years the last time I go to school class and had my share of quizzes, exams and recitations too! And it's freaking to just simply think about it! Can I do it? Can I still handle the pressure? oh my! I'm not sure about it. But one thing is steady when it comes to studying again, the fact that degree online now exists! Yes, online schooling it is. The fast rising way of studying College degrees and Master's too. With Capella University's offering of fully online schooling, everyone will be greatly welcome to study again without all the worries and all. All you need to think about is the money to take care for the enrollment and of course, good internet connection to keep you going smooth!

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