Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Day Tuesday

Today is such a busy day for me. Thanks to my friend who served as my early worm for grabbing overwhelming number of tasks this morning while I was still soundly asleep. Anyways, aside from the online tasks I'm about to finish, my daughter has been very clingy for the past few days and keeps on asking so much attention from me. No, I am not complaining here, just to clarify alright. No worries with that since she is my number one responsibility but of course, I am still thankful for her educational toys that can keeps her occupy for some time while I do my online stints. Thanks to her Dora the explorer toy cashier with barcode scanner, which is her current favorite now. Super nice since it can really read barcodes of every labels! We both totally love it! So there, have to go now for it's time to clean her milk bottles while she's having a power nap! Laters guys! :D