Friday, May 08, 2009

mother's day treat

So what's your plan for Mother's day tomorrow? are you going out with your family or decided to spend the whole day pampering yourself just like me? Since the husband suggested that I go to a spa salon and have a relaxing day with all the treatments it has to offer for a mom like me! I just don't know if the spa salon will be full of mommies but if so, I'd probably reschedule my trip, which reminds me to call them up and make an early reservation. Anyways, the reason why I love spending some time at that place is the fact that after a session of treatments, my body definitely feels great and revitalized! I totally dig their infrared saunas that without a doubt flush out my body toxins in for of perspiration.
You see, far infrared saunas can also be bought from that offers easy to install sauna at the comfort of your own place! Such a lovely present for mother's day isn't, I wish! But if ever that financial wouldn't be an issue, I'd definitely get one of this sauna for our home use! Spa addict, I know.