Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Whenever i hear about vacation i always remember those memorable vacations that we have in our company-paid outing in different resorts, but the thing is, a lot of mishaps are occuring in our stay in those resorts, maybe because lack of coordination with their account execs and even lack of explanations from them with regards to their services that are offered to us. And that pisses all of us, imagine the fun you are having when suddenly a security or a employee-incharge will come up to you and gives you what's not and what's only allowed since our reort reservation is only limited to this and that. And that is really annoying.

I just hope when we are 'financially able' we can actually have a reservation with them and have a great fun vacation that I am dreaming of without all the hassles. Someday, when we can really do so, I would love to have this Adults Only Riviera Maya vacation! I'm sure it'll be a whole lot of fun!