Tuesday, April 07, 2009

summer school hunting

I was talking to my friend earlier over the messenger and we both want to enroll our kids to those summer clinics out there. You know, to hone their talents - whatever it is. But the thing is, as far as we both know, there is no such summer schools near us. Bummer I know! you see, it has been my long time dream to be able to enroll my daughter to a school during summer so she'll be able to explore and know her talents, basically by trying different stuff she'll know what to focus on. Actually, the husband and I both agrees that our daughter would probably love going to dance schools! That is why I am already dead set on buying her different colors of dancing shoes available in the market today! If it that means ordering those fancy tap shoes online, I would happily oblige you know! And thanks to the information I got from other friends about this movedancewear.co.uk that sells out affordable and fashionable dance shoes, whatever genres you are in! So there, no problem at all for outfits and shoes, the only thing missing now is the school that I will enroll my little princess, but of course I am not giving up, will probably scout for some more and hopefully will be able to find one!