Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In the past week have you gone to the movie theatre? If so, what did you see?
:: hmmm, this made me realize that I've been such a total loser when it comes to movies! I haven't seen one, but we usually have a dvd marathon at home. The last movie that I saw was Twilight.

Do you frequently see movies in theatres or wait until they are out on DVD or TV?
:: I usually wait for the dvd copies :) to save of course

Have you ever gone to a movie during its opening? Did you wait in line? Do you get excited for movie openings?
:: I think I have! with my friends during our younger years! and it was really fun!

There! notice how I blogged my heart out?! I really need to finish a lot of stuff before I head back to the hospital, I just need to check out some insurance quotes too.