Saturday, April 18, 2009

go online!

I've been talking this online college courses if you noticed here and on my other blogs, because I am so intrigue with this thing actually. It has been almost seven years when I graduated in College, and to tell you honestly, I almost forgot all the ins and outs of schooling! The only thing that is still fresh in my memories are the friends related stuff and cutting classes! lol. Anyways, I've been thinking of inquiring at this famous Capella University that offers online schooling, a graduate course is what I am up to, if ever. I wonder how much would it cost me for this schooling, but with all the good feedbacks and reviews for this university, I bet every cent that will be spent is worth it. No wonder, thousands of students are enrolled with their different offered programs, and mind you, not only from the states but from all over the world! Such a world class institution right?! Right. And yes, since they are in the high technology mode, they have this downloadable interviews, reviews and other related talks about their school via podcasts and iTunes. So for those who would also want to learn about their offerings, you can check put their site or better yet, subscribe to their feeds.

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