Sunday, February 22, 2009

prom dates

It's February and it means Prom days for the juniors and seniors high school! I remember how my mom got so excited for my Prom dance, she was the one who searched for gowns that I wore for two consecutive years and yes, we also visited variety of holsted jewelers around town to search for the nicest jewelries to match my gown for the night. Sometimes I wonder if my mom wants me to bag the princess of the night award! but no, I was an ugly duckling during that time, I wonder if it changes now! lol. Anyways, why am I blabbing here? because while I was having my nails done yesterday at the salon, a lot of high school gals were having their hair and make up done and yes, it was a chaotic thing inside the salon! and mind you, they were all by themselves! no mothers around! what happened?! where are the moms? kids are really getting more independent now I suppose.