Saturday, February 07, 2009

for mom

Posted on my other site, I'm currently on hunt for nice and cheap Leather Watch Bands for my watch, so happen that my mom is also looking out for best priced straps for her wrist watches for it has been ages since she replaced the original straps. Anyways, good thing has everything that has to do with watch bands. Right now, mom is already thinking of what to order and she is so torn by the different designs! I told her order three sets since it is worth the price and genuine leather quality is what we are talking here. Although I"m not sure if she'll get all the designs that she desires, probably two sets will be her max. Anyways, here are the designs I suggested to her since it'll definitely match her watch and even her personality! lol, just kidding :D my mom might read this! hehehe

Catwalk Watch Band & Strap - Hirsch H Catwalk Watch Band & Strap - Hirsch Patent Leather

Anyways, I myself would probably buy something for my new swatch so I can have a replacing bands to match my outfits and get ups. Actually, I just want a new thing for the latest loot of mine! To save up on the shipping too you know :D Alright, enough with the explanations and reasonings, honestly, I fell in love with their designs, so unique and reasonably priced! I'm a cheapskate remember?!
So there, maybe you too are looking for nice watch straps? you can check out this super nice site and you can order too! :D