Monday, January 07, 2008

party preps update

i was chatting over ym with Lizz this morning after receiving an uber cutie invitation for her daughter Lanna's birthday! be held at their place in Bulacan! wow... i was deeply touched, really. thanks sis for it... will try our best to be there! dayo kung dayo ang mode namin nyan! lol.

anyways, it was just now that i learned that her daughter's birthday and Olin is both January. and party planning is our common denominator as of the moment... ngaragan kung ngaragan sa party preps! teehee! with just less than twenty days to prepare... eto ako, hilo na! wooh!

good thing she gave me a simplified checklist for party preparations. posted below... with my updates and what nots... :)

what makes it really hard for me to book for suppliers is because we are located in a far away land of Cavite! daming supplier decline my intention to book them. hay... natakot ata sa layo... one last hope ko ang Party Time Philippines which is based in Alabang... quite near sa Cavite... i'm just crossing my fingers now that they can still accommodate our party. Food Carts, Face Painter, Personalized Pinata, Personalized Styro Theme Designs are the only things i'm needing now.

for my invite and tarpaulin layout... it is the talented Aggie whose making the LO's... can't wait for the mock samples from her! super creative nyan eh! :)

ok.. here's my list as of today:

6 months before:
~ Party Theme - Ok! bought items from diviland tour last October.
for the invite,tarp,baloon decor-- flower power.
for the loot bags, kids plates, utensils and prizes-- cartoon fest. halo-halo! lol

5 months before:
~ Finalize guest list - 95% done -- will finalize err, maybe tomorrow! :)
~ Budget - ok!
~ Set date/time - ok!
~ Location - ok!
~ Check weather - no rain please.

4 months before:
~ Decide about the food - ok!
~ Guest - ok!
~ Budget - ok!
~ Theme party - ok! halo halo galore!

3 months before:
~ Clowns/magician - ok! clowns only with magic tricks! :) expensive ang magician! ahahaha!
~ Cake - ok! already ordered at Conching's
~ Photo/video coverage - ok! ex-deal with my SIL Bibsy! in return for the photo/video...will do
a hosting stint on her handled wedding on the 26th.

2 months before:
~ Lay out design (banner/invite) - ok! Aggie is doing it now... :)
~ loot bags - done... 100%
~ Prizes, give-aways, souvenirs - done! :)

1 month before:
~ double check budget - ok! hehehe...
~ Baby's dress - courtesy of my SIL of BMDR Fashion House :)

2 weeks before:
~ Send out invitation - i need to have it print first! :)
~ Confirmation re: games, prizes - ok!
~ Check banner - will have it print when the LO is sent by Aggie
~ Check souvenirs - done
~ Check program - doing it now

1 day before: Relax

2 hours before: Dress up!

1 hour before: Venue.. Have fun!

***good luck at huwag ako mangarag! :) kasi we are the one who will take charge for the balloon set up decor of the venue! hahaha... tipid mode talaga!