Thursday, January 03, 2008

art collection

my father is a true blue art admirer, from sculptures to paintings to landscape. but with his busy lifestyle he has now, it seems impossible for him to focus on his likes. maybe someday, when he's already retire in his work, when financially able to buy for his collection. you see whenever papa goes home from after a half year work abroad he never misses to bring two or more art collection like charcoal and oil paintings. some of it are already framed while the others are safely kept. he said in time he will have it all framed and be displayed in our house. there are times that i cannot dig in to what he sees in collection such art reproductions but i know there are valid reasons behind all that. that is why, every occasion special to my father we make sure to give him something he really like, like portraits and paintings. last father's day we gave him his own framed caricature, and yes, he loves it so! last December is his 50th birthday and we weren't able to celebrate that special occasion because he's in Florida, we are thinking of throwing him a party or an intimate dinner when he comes home this February. and with that, i'm browsing sites like Blog to search for art collections i might give him for his present.