Thursday, December 20, 2007

wedding photog wannabe me

remember my chicka about the my wedding hosting con coordinator sideline? well it's over and done yesterday :) actually it has been my on call sideline job ever since, it started when i was in a local radio station as dj after College, used to cover events such as concerts, beauty pageants and the likes. it was during 2005 naman when my SIL a fashion designer started her Fashion House Boutique at Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park and started getting weddings, debuts and fashion shows. being in line for hosting and coordination, it has been my on the side job. and now that i am already a SAHM, meaning there is no 8-5 work that blocks my way to talking non stop during my hosting spiels! lol. if not hosting i do coordination together with SIL and her other staff. yesterday was a total different story, i did 2 jobs! helping out with the coordination and was the host at the reception party. but it was fun specially because i brought along with me my nikon camera! i even looked like one of the event photographer that people pose their way in front of me! hahaha... mukang professional! echos! hahahaha... here is one of the many photos that i took during the event, i'm just uber happy with the result thats why expect more photos to be posted in here.


""rare jonRez"" said...

ang ganda... pang pro ah! pwedeng pwede na sis!

btw, merry christmas sa inyo dyan! :)

amore said...

wow ganda Kath! sana makaganyan din ako ;)

ey ms dj..can I make a request, pede ba ung love song ko? lol ganda pala boses mo ha ;)