Friday, December 14, 2007

restoring cars

the husband is into buy and selling of cars besides being an old school auto enthusiast. at first i couldn't dig what he's up to, i mean buying cars almost the same as my age or even older then seeking every corners of Luzon for parts and other props for it, repainting, detailing and all the works makes me tired by just imagining. but when i get used to it, it's really nice actually. specially when i go with him to his weekly old schooler meeting at Alabang where numbers of old cars enthusiast meet up to talk and sell merchandise. i remember getting introduced to Dominic Ochoa a few months back! yes, he's a member of that club. anyways, back to old and restored cars, a lot of times topics of of our conversion is about his craft, being so intrigued to what he does, i asked him details of everything he puts in the cars hes restoring, sometimes he puts accessories that is so small but has a big value for the people who actually know what its for. but there are builders or restorers who are not into searching for the parts that are needed thus customizing is what they do, actually that's what customization comes in, and the companies behind it! example of customized part that can be ordered is a fender trim that can be customized according to what the owner wants it to be, chrome, stainless steel or rubber. it's really a hard thing to do you know, rebuilding and restoring cars, but when its done, ah... worth it.

some of the cars of the old skooler group, taken last meeting at West Gate