Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lola's Gift

today Olin got another gift! this time, a high chair from her Lolo and Lola --hubby's side-- !!! yipee! something i wanted for Olin the longest time since she started eating solids. mommy texted me last week asking me what i want for their apo if toys or high chair, i chose the latter since toys are expected to pour in :) and a high chair is something she'll be able to use. there are of course who doesn't prefer in using a high chair because there are cases of child falling from it,but for me i wanted to instill in Olin's mind that meal time is family time, thus whenever we will eat she can be already included in the the table, she will then learn eating her own way as time goes by and she'll be able to enjoy family time = meal time. we just have to be extra careful whenever she's there, make sure security harness is attached and so on...
anyways, thanks Lola and Lolo for the gift! :)