Thursday, December 20, 2007


my husband cannot seem to understand why i so love drinking tea, what's weird is i cannot tell him the reason because i actually don't know why i love it. ok, malabo! maybe i get it from my father who prefers tea over coffee, yellow tea to be exact with evaporated milk or lemon. he says drinking a cup everyday is good for one's health. so once in a while i drink until i got hook! having our cupboard with different choices, brisk tea for times i cannot decide. yellow tea is my ultimate fav, while green tea is said the most beneficial, but whenever i need a kick i'll drink the mint flavored one. lately, instant milk tea is introduce, so i tried.... but i like making my own version better, theirs is matabang for me, i dunno for others ha. but Sam Milby loves it daw! hahahaha... makarelate lang talaga... naku.. sabog ako! ahahahaha

my tea collection at our kitchen cupboard

how about you? how do you like your tea?