Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 28 wedding

December 28 marks our 2nd year anniversary as husband and wife. but today is a different way of celebrating since we had to postponed it because i had to work... raket life you know ;p
anyways, it was actually a 15th anniversary wedding event that we cover, the couple flew in from Australia a few weeks back, so everything was planned and discussed online with my SIL who owns the BMDR Fashion House and Coordination Services. so before i prepare myself for the hosting job, we made rounds and check if everything is falling into its proper places, checking with the other staff and all, and i of course, make sure to get some photos :)
here are some of the shots that ive'd made...

the bride's bouquet placed in the bedside table, i just put the Bible beside it, the official photog also uses the arte that ive'd made. lol... gaya gaya... hehehehe...
on the next photo is the bride's gown beaded detail... designed and hand beaded by my SIL ;0
anyways, here are the other pics that i took during the preps and the reception...

pwede na ba? ;)